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Lodgistics offers cloud-based tools to help manage hotels. Our tools streamline operations, drive actionable insights and reduce costs.

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Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance




Why Use Lodgistics?

icon-checkmark-green Reduces Costs       icon-checkmark-green Improves Efficiency      icon-checkmark-green Increases Productivity

Our affordable and easy to use tool ensures proper and timely upkeep of your hotel, optimizes operations, reduce costs and improves guest satisfaction.

Preventive MaintenancePreventive Maintenance

A cloud-based preventive maintenance and work order management tool for hotels

  • Create, maintain, and monitor interactive PM check-lists from any tablet or smartphone

  • Intelligent dashboard with scheduled activities and productivity performance

  • Identify and resolve recurring issues before they become complaints

  • Closed-loop work order system with real-time notifications

  • Analyze historical facility and guest room maintenance records

  • Keep maintenance staff proactive and on schedule through our interactive calendar

  • Improve the quality of PMs through our Inspection feature

Lodgistics is a user and mobile-friendly tool that streamlines inventory and procurement



  • Real-time Inventory information

  • Efficient and accurate processes for every department


  • Paperless ordering

  • Automated POs with Dollar & Role based permissions

  • Informed Ordering with pricing history, budgets and PAR levels

  • Saves time, money and eliminates everyday mistakes


Lodgistics provides a vast array of real-time reporting and analytical options that help hoteliers of all management levels analyze key performance metrics and behaviors. Our analytics help hotels set and inspect expectations, gain insight and transparency and operate intelligently.

Lodgistics Analytics

Lodgistics provides answers for:

  • Are your PMs on pace to your set schedule?
  • How many work orders were completed in a given time period?
  • What are the most common work order issues?
  • Can you analyze guest room history and maintenance records?
  • What is the average time to close work orders?
  • Are there repeat or trending repair issues?
  • What and how much has been ordered with a specific vendor?
  • Are your hotels ordering the right quantity at the right time?
  • How is my hotel performing to budget?
  • What is my inventory and how does it compare to PAR level?
  • How quickly are we consuming specific products?
  • How much linen have we ordered and discarded?

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