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DoubleTree by Hilton is a busy property with 47 full-time employees, located in the heart of a bustling college town. Their team hustles to provide excellent service to each and every guest, but they were getting slowed down without a way to communicate in real time. Keeping up with handheld radios and channels was making life harder for the front desk team, and they were wasting valuable time tracking down colleagues in other departments.

“Lodgistics provided a means for daily needs and issues to be shared between departments to optimize our ability to serve our guests quickly and thoroughly.”

Timothy, GM of DoubleTree at Hilton


With Lodgistics, the DoubleTree team could actually do what they do best–serve their guests. Now, every department has the same important information, instantly. They don’t have to carry bulky radios, and no matter who a guest goes to for a request, the whole team can spring into action to make it happen. The results? Their highest service scores ever.

“Lodgistics has played a vast role in our ever improving service scores–our communication and departmental harmony has never been better.”

Timothy, GM of DoubleTree at Hilton


DoubleTree by Hilton always had a stellar team, but Lodgistics allowed them to really shine. Since moving to Lodgistics in 2018, they ranked 17th out of 378 in overall experience and 14th among DoubleTrees in North and South America–their highest scores ever. That was up from 31st in overall experience in 2017.

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Copyright Lodgistics, LLC® 2023. All Rights Reserved.