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Hyatt Place has 40 full-time employees and a physically large space that they have to oversee. Simple guest requests, like lost and found items or early checkouts, were getting lost in the shuffle. In order to solve these guest issues, they needed quick and easy communication across the property. That’s where Lodgistics came in.

“Lodgistics has solved our communications challenges by providing one streamlined source of communication that can be accessed by all team members.”

Nathan, GM of Hyatt Place


Improved communication didn’t just help the Front Desk team solve guest issues–it made life easier for every employee of the property. Maintenance benefitted from the streamlined work order system and being able to track their PMs. Housekeeping was able to easily get information about guest requests, early checkouts, and stay overs. And Managers were able to be in the loop and help each team work together.

"The first thing Front Desk logs into when starting their shift is Lodgistics. They are able to catch up on what they missed while they were off and be better prepared for the rest of their shift."

Nathan, GM of Hyatt Place


Now, Hyatt Place of Asheville never drops the ball on communication, and the property’s teams are more aligned than ever.

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Copyright Lodgistics, LLC® 2023. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Lodgistics, LLC® 2023. All Rights Reserved.