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We know that to create an unforgettable guest experience, you and your teams need to work together. So, we designed Lodgistics to directly address the problems you face every day, like dropped work orders and scattered communication. Lodgistics helps make your team more efficient, your property more successful, and your life a little easier.

An easy-to-use platform designed to help your team catch issues before your guests do.

Work Orders

The sooner your team knows there’s an issue, the sooner they can resolve it. Instantly create work orders with the ability to attach photos, assign priority, and be notified when the work is complete.

Preventative Maintenance

Enable your team to spot & fix issues – before they ever become a guest complaint. Keep your property in tip-top shape with transparent & trackable preventative maintenance tasks.


No more text messages or loose pieces of paper – all communication is recorded and easily accessible within the app. Keep everything clear by tagging specific team members or rooms.

Tracking & Analytics

Don’t just wonder how you’re doing – get the data and know for sure. Track work orders, Preventative Maintenance and room turn times to see exactly how your team is performing and discover where there’s room for improvement.


Every member of your staff can use Lodgistics with the ability to instantly translate between multiple languages, including Spanish, German and Chinese. Just double tap to quickly convert any post or message into the preferred language and vice versa.

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Copyright Lodgistics, LLC® 2020. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Lodgistics, LLC® 2020. All Rights Reserved.